10 Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants

10 Ornamental Plants


10 Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants

Pothos are glamorous ornamental plants that are native to Southeast Asia.  Pothos is also known by various names, like money plant or devil’s lvy. Pothos is typically seen as a green plant with thick, waxy leaves and a heart-shaped appearance. It is generally grown as hanging plants, and pothos can be kept both indoors and outdoors in the household. There are various types of pothos, such as Mable queen pothos (leaf color: green with white variegation and medium size), Jade pothose ( leaf color: medium green and its size is medium), Neon pothos (leaf color: bright green-yellow and the size of the leaf is medium), Satin pothos ( it has green with light green spots and the leaf size is small), etc.

The uniqueness of this hardy plant makes it suitable for both tropical and temperate climates. As this ornamental plant tolerates low light levels and dry air, it can be maintained in a warm indoor environment. This plant has a particular quality of removing harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene due to its colors, shapes, and patterns, and it also helps to clean the air in the environment. Many people believe that the ornamental pothos plant is very attractive and provides more health benefits to reduce working stress and enhance mental concentration.

Spider Plants

10 Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants

Spider plants are the most common ornamental plants that can be grown both inside and outside of households in tropical and temperate climates. This plant is a perennial herb that is native to tropical and southern Africa. This ornamental shape is like a spider; therefore, all of them are introduced as spider ornamental plants, and these plants also grow like a bush. There are different types of spider plants: variegated spider plant (the leaf has medium green, creamy, and broad vertical stripes), reverse spider plant (the leaf color is dark green with white), and bonnie spider plant (the leaf looks like a cluster and has a line in the middle of the leaf).

One of the most particular aspects of spider plants is enable to purify the air and remove harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and benzene from the air, making them a better choice for indoor environments where they can help enhance and promote air quality for a healthy environment.

In addition, those are significant for low maintenance needs regarding growing conditions in gardening; some gardeners prefer to begin as businesses, while others grow these plants as a hobby for mental health. Spider plants are used to grow in a range of settings, including hanging baskets, ground cover, or as potted plants. Some cultures believe that spider plants bring good luck and wealth to their owners. These plants are valuable ornamental plants that offer a range of benefits to their owners, as mentioned above.

Peace Lily

10 Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants

The Peace Lily is called Spathiphyllum. This ornamental plant has a specific and graceful appearance. This plant has become a popular household plant in tropical regions of Central and South America as well as in other countries because of its beauty and ease of growing everywhere. This plant is a member of the Araceae family, along with other ornamental plants like the Philodendron and Anthurium. The specific features of the Peace Lily are its striking white flowers, which include the shape of a calla lily, and it also usually grows to a height of about 1-2 feet. The blooming flowers of this ornamental plant are beautiful and fragrant. It is also better to make it outdoors in any place. Spathiphyllum wallisii, Spathiphyllum ‘Petite, Spathiphyllum ‘Domino, and Spathiphyllum ‘Sweet Rocco are different types of peace lilies.

One of the most important aspects is that the ornamental plant of the Peace Lily contributes to purification and removes harmful toxins from the air. In the future, many people will be more interested in using this for gardening due to its good benefits and its lovely and attractive quality. It can be a good grade choice for homes or offices to improve with poor air quality. There is competition for this plant among gardeners around the world due to its ability to earn income by selling these plants as well as its ease of maintenance and low cost. Anyway, the Peace Lily is associated with cultural symbolism, especially religions around the world.

In Christianity, the Peace Lily is often adopted by the Virgin Mary, and its white flowers are used as a symbol of her purity and innocence. This plant is generally used in religious ceremonies and as a gift to offer during religious holidays because there are many religious beliefs that these ornamental plants spread peace and happiness. The Peace Lily is known as the most valuable income plant in the world.

English Ivy

10 Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants

Hedera helix is called English Ivy; there are dark green leaves that are shaped like hearts. This is an evergreen plant that can grow up to 100 feet long, enabling it to climb up walls, trees, and other settings. These ornamental plants are often used for landscaping, gardening, and indoor decoration around the world. And it is also used for literature, art, and mythology, celebrations and festivals, and especially some religious beliefs that ward off evil spirits. It is most often used in church decorations. Then, plant enthusiasts became more interested in using this ornamental plant to decorate their gardens.

 The unique feature of English Ivy is its air-purifying ability. It could filter out harmful pollutants and enhance the quality of indoor air at various places, such as offices, homes,homes and any other work places. This plant has the impressive power to cure diseases. Another significance of this plant is the low maintenance it refers to, which makes it easy to grow. It can provide a wide range of growing conditions and requires minimal watering and fertilizing. It also has the ability to be made quickly without much effort. This ornamental plant is historically important and a good choice for gardeners.

Birds of Paradise

10 Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants

Bird of Paradise, also introduced as Strelitzia, is also called “bird flower” or “crane flower.” This is a beautiful ornamental plant that is located in South Africa. This is an ornamental plant that can withstand tropical and temperate climates. These have long, slender leaves that can grow up to three feet long, and these leaves give us shade and help them cope with harsh weather conditions and pests. The unique features of the Bird of Paradise plant are its flower, which is combined with a variety of colors, such as bright orange or yellow, blue, or purple, as well as It wants full sunlight or partial shade and well-draining soil to tolerate drought conditions, but it should receive regular watering and occasional fertilization for its survival.

 This ornamental plant is considered a symbol of paradise, and it represents the beauty of nature in the environment. And it is also believed to bring good luck to the owners of the household. There are a lot of benefits to growing as an ornamental plant, including weddings and other celebrations that are specially used for landscaping and indoor decoration as a cultural and religious symbol as well as This plant can be used for medicinal purposes, with its leaves being used to treat various diseases such as fever, headaches, and respiratory infections.

Chinese Evergreens

10 Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants

Aglaonema is the scientific name of the Chinese evergreen. It is located in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Green, silver, and cream are beautiful shades and patterns of Chinese Evergreen. Its leaves give it an attractive look and want low-light conditions for making this ornamental plant as well as a low-maintenance plant. It can also grow up to two feet in length. These plants are important to remove harmful toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from the air.

Chinese Evergreen plants grow both indoors and outdoors, which gives them fresh air. The Chinese Evergreen is a plant that offers a unique blend of beauty. Some of them are more interested in growing this plant. Most of the time, this plant is grown in public places such as airports, hospitals, and in front of school grading to attract attention.


10 Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants

Croton is a colorful and particular ornamental plant in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. It is a member of the Euphorbiaceae family. This has various shapes and sizes, such as long, narrow, broad, and rounded. Most of these ornamental plants are sensitive to light. When its leaves are exposed to direct sunlight, they become more vibrant and colorful.

In many Asian countries, croton can be seen in various places, especially public places such as schools, hospitals, air ports, religious places, etc. Zanzibar, Magnificent, Petra, Yellow Icetone, Mammy, Gold Dust, and Andrew Croton are different types of croton in nature. These ornamental plants can be grown both inside and outside in accordance with gardeners and owners preferences.

These ornamental plants like to get bright, indirect light and well-draining soil. They are also easy to grow and maintain, but they usually require watering and fertilization for their survival. These plants can be grown as potted plants, which refers to decorative plants in the rooms of a house, hedges or border plants, and also indoor plants for air purification due to their ability to remove harmful chemicals from the air and enhance the air quality of the space.

These ornamental plants are important to reduce people’s stress, and they also help in maintaining mental health as well as curing diseases. Many people are interested in growing various crops in their gardens for economic purposes. In other words, there is a huge demand for these plants in south Asian countries like Sri Lanka, especially as there are economic benefits from growing these ornamental plants and also because of their attractiveness and beauty compared to other ornamental plants in the environment. Therefore, ornamental croton plants may be a good choice for grading and decorations for ceremonies.

Rubber Plants

10 Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants

The rubber plant is a popular ornamental plant around the world. It’s known as Ficus elastica and also belongs to the Ficus family, which consists of household plants such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig. and the Weeping Fig. It is a unique feature of this ornamental plant that it has large, glossy, thick leaves and includes dark green leaves that may grow up to 12 inches. Most of the time, rubber plants are displayed as cultivated plants due to their striking and stunning appearance. These plants are more suitable for indoor environments, but they can also grow outdoors. There are different types of rubber plants, such as Ficus elastica, Icus elastica ‘Robusta, Ficus elastica ‘Abidjan, Ficus elastica ‘Tineke, et cetera.


The rubber plant is an ornamental plant and has value for living conditions. This is the ability to purify the air from the chemical aspects of the leaves. They have the effect of removing harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from the air. The advantage of this plant is that it is easy to care for and grow effectively, and also, these ornamental plants can be maintained at a low cost. This plant has health benefits for our living conditions, like enhancing mental concentration and sleeping well. Some beginners are tending to grow this ornamental plant because of its high value.

Boston Fern

10 Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants

Nephrolepis exaltata can be called the Boston Fern. It is native to the tropical regions of the Americas. This plant has a stunning rosette shape, and it is a special aspect of boston fern that is long, slender, and arching. Also, most people prefer to grow it due to its graceful appearance. These ornamental plants require regular watering methods to keep the soil wet, and they should be provided with sunlight to ensure their survival. Boston ferns are most suitable for dry environments because of their hardiness. Bostoniensis, Fluffy Ruffles, Kimberly Queen’, and Dallas are different kinds of Boston Fern.

There is significance to the Boston Fern effect in reducing harmful pollutants from the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene. Another important aspect is the effect of Boston Fern on the human body. A person  who suffers from dry skin or irritably dry noses or throats may cure those illnesses quickly without any treatments due to the way they are normally absorbed into the human body. This ornamental plant is valuable for grading.

Snake Plants

10 Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants

The snake plant is the most famous ornamental plant among gardeners, and it is also known as Sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue. This is located in West Africa, but it spreads all over the world due to its values and attractiveness. There are some characteristics of this ornamental plant, such as long, upright leaves that refer to the rosette pattern, and stiff, sword-shaped leaves with pointed tips. There is a deep green and yellow color. This plant wants low-light conditions.

There are various types of this ornamental plant, such as Dracaena trifasciata ‘Laurentii, Dracaena trifasciata ‘Moonshine, etc. These plants are seen as both indoor and outdoor, which includes homes, offices,office and other settings.

This ornamental plant has practical benefits as it can be kept inside the office room and inside the home under the minimum conditions due to its desire for low sunlight and watering. There are a lot of benefits to growing a snake ornamental plant, such as air purification, which refers to removing harmful chemicals from the air, and also the introduction of this plant as an ideal plant to decorate bedrooms and living rooms.

Some office workers especially keep this plant on the office table because they believe that snake plants destroy the fear of the enemy and also promote natural beauty as health work enlivenment. Some people use this plant for gifting their friends or family members due to its beauty, and some gardeners grow it for economic purposes. There is a huge demand for these ornamental plants in the market. This is a good choice as a gardening plant.