(5 Apps Must Have) How to be mindful with phone ?

(5 Apps Must Have) How to be mindful with phone ?

How be mindful with phone & avoid time wasting

The primary purpose of innovating the mobile phone was communication with someone over a long distance. With the development of technology, it has become a multipurpose device that has so many features, including radio, camera, and internet. Further, we can do infinite tasks online with the help of apps and connect with billions of people with one click and in a second by using our mobile phones. In this case, social media apps play a significant role and the future world will build as a virtual world in mobile phones. The Metaverse is a good example of this.

As a result of this, we lose track of time when we are using our mobile phones. It is because mobile phones are created to be addictive with colorful and entertaining features in them. Still, we should be mindful when using phones because we tend to waste time and avoid doing what is essential to productivity in our day. So here are some tips that you can use to be mindful when using mobile phones, which would help you avoid wasting time.

Set Limits on Your Screen Time (Take control of your screen time )

Screen time limiting is advantageous when you cannot control your mobile phone usage, and many people cannot work or go anywhere without their phones, so they are addicted to the mobile phone. But if you want to get rid of it, you can use apps that measure your screen time, which would give you a limit on where to stop scrolling and start focusing on your other work.

These apps are beneficial for you to get rid of the addiction you have on your phone, and you can use your mobile mindfully, knowing your limitations. Once you practice this method, you will realize you have minimized the time wasted on your phone and this will help to reduce the power consumption of your mobile phone.

Set An Intention to Have Phone-Free Meals

How be mindful with phone avoid time wasting & Mindful with smartphone

Many people bury their faces in their mobile phones, even during meals. It is not very pleasing for the others around you as they feel you are not interested in them. Also, this bad habit tends for family problems because you have to take care of each other.

So, you should always try to keep your phone away when you are having meals, and you should share some time with your loved ones with some delicious food. This will help you to be mindful as well as encourage the unity of your family and get to know each other.

Ask Yourself Some Hard Questions

Self-questioning is the best way to find mindfulness because if you do not understand what you are doing is not very healthy and beneficial for yourself; you will not try hard to come on the right track no matter what others do or say. So, try to question yourself whether what you are doing with your phone is necessary and how it contributes to the successful journey that you wish to have in your life. Asking yourself is a powerful method to minimize wasting time on mobile phones.

Boost Productivity and Reduce Distractions by Hiding Notification

Notifications can make us anxious about what is happening with a particular app. Hiding the notifications is very beneficial because you do not know what is happening, who is sending you messages, or who is reacting to your posts. This might be quite hard for you at the beginning, but once you get used to that, you can go to social media and scroll only when you do not have anything to do. This is also an excellent method to be mindful at your workplace. It will waste so many pleasant times in your life if you focus too much on notifications on your mobile.

Take A Day Off

Taking a day off from social media and other unnecessary apps on your mobile phone will make you realize how productive your day can be without the mobile phone. This might be quite hard if you do not focus on other work you have, but if you find a lot more exciting things than using your mobile phone, you will realize how to use your mobile phone with limitations mindfully. By doing this, you can minimize the time you waste on mobile phones.


For example, you can select a nice restaurant and go for a day out with your loved ones. As I mentioned above, you should have a good recognition of your partner’s or your family member’s thoughts.

How be mindful with phone avoid time wasting & Mindful with smartphone

Commit to Being Present

Reducing Mobile Phone Addiction (Tips and Strategies)

Most of the time, those addicted to their mobile phones try to avoid social gatherings and distance themselves from human beings. But if you want to eliminate that, you should try to be present at social gatherings and hang out with your friends in beautiful places in the world. This method will make you realize it is lovely to spend time with the people you love and are alive more than interacting with mobile phone screens. This method is also beneficial in reducing screen time and saving you valuable time.

So by following these methods, you can avoid wasting time on mobile phones, which would help you to use a mobile phone mindfully. If you are a parent with young kids, you should be aware of what they are watching and searching on mobile phones because if they are addicted to bad habits with mobile, it would badly affect their lives. It would be best for your kids if you educate them on how to use their mobile phones effectively.

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The 5 apps you must have on your mobile phone would help you be mindful with the mobile phone.

Alarm, Calendars

How be mindful with phone avoid time wasting & Mindful with smartphone

The alarm and the calendar on mobile phones can help you be mindful about using these electronic devices. You can set a time limit to scroll on social media, and by the time you reach the limit, you should stop it then and there. Also, you can add the timetables of your special days, including the exams, to your mobile phone calendar, which makes you aware that you are wasting time on your phone when you should be studying.


These two apps help minimize the time wasted on mobiles and help you be mindful. Be mindful that communication is the main purpose of the mobile phone; you may have so many features on your mobile, but use it if it is required only.

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Sticky Notes

Sticky notes also remind you of the work you have to do, so when you use sticky notes on your mobile phone, that reminds you to focus on your work, keeping your phone aside. Considering this, I recommend using a sticky note app with a reminder feature. And then, you’ll be able to take a note on your mobile with a reminder (ringing tone/vibrate).

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Puzzle Games

How be mindful with phone avoid time wasting & Mindful with smartphone

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Rather than playing unwanted games on a mobile phone, you can focus on puzzle games which help you improve your knowledge of a particular thing, especially in languages; puzzle games are very effective. So that when you are on the mobile phone, you learn something new other than wasting your time scrolling on social media. An excellent example of a puzzle game is the puzzles like Origami.


There are so many origami-related games in app stores, and find out the best one for you to play with. Install one at a time; if you want to play another puzzle, uninstall the previous one and install the new one.

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Music Player

Music is always a medication for our mind, which helps us to improve our mental health if we face a problem. So whenever you are stressed, you can use the music player instead of scrolling in social media and posting about your issues, as is very commonly seen in social media today. Music players on mobile phones are constructive in that aspect, which is not a waste of time on mobile phones. You can use a music player app with music clips for different conditions.

For example, if you have all music for jogging, music for sleeping, music for meditation, and background music for working, in one app, it would be more advantageous to manage your mobile storage and time. In selecting a music app, don’t overthink its appearance because the main thing you must consider is the music’s quality. Quality background music can heal your mind.

How be mindful with phone avoid time wasting & Mindful with smartphone

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Indeed, you may have heard someone around you say, “my mobile is annoying me”, This is because they don’t know how to use mobile effectively. When you learn well and use the apps correctly, you don’t feel that lousy mindset on your mobile. Don’t be a victim of the mobile phone.


Thus, try to go through all methods above and use only the apps you need for your requirements, not for the needs of app providers. And then, you can be mindful about using the mobile phone, which would help you save the time you have been wasting on the mobile phone.

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